Diversity is human difference that impacts how we interact with one another, communities, institutions and ourselves. Diversity matters as we strive to develop and respect human potential, create a supportive, nurturing climate, and acknowledge legal and moral responsibilities to historical inequalities.

Diversity includes but is not limited to people of color (under-represented groups and new populations), people with both visible and invisible disabilities, people of various gender and sexual identities and expressions, and first generation students of economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  We also address issues of access and climate for individuals who might encounter barriers based on their religious expression, age, national origin, ethnicity, or veteran status.

Excellence is inclusive

An increasingly multicultural society will continue to emerge over the coming decades and the reality of strengthening global interconnections demands that our College and graduates are able to effectively navigate the professional, social and ethical complexities of difference.

As a College that is tasked with preparing future professional veterinarians and animal researchers, it is essential that those most intrinsic values and expectations meet the needs of a multicultural society and align with university and national goals around diversity and inclusion.  Professional excellence is inextricably linked to the ability to engage with difference in productive and meaningful ways.  In order for the College to meet this challenge, CVM must demonstrate a distinct, consistent and embracing respect for the inclusion, acceptance and success of all.

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